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NameLast UpdateDescription
Fake Gapless DSP 0.3
Tags: DSP, gapless
2014-11-27Briefly fades track changes to silence to avoid glitches with gapless tracks when encoded with some lossy ...
Meier Crossfeed 1.1
Tags: crossfeed
2016-06-11Software implementation of Meier Audio's natural crossfeed filter.
No Display Standby 1.12013-03-22Disables monitor power saving feature while music is playing.
Play Next 0.22016-06-12Adds the selected track to the beginning of the playback queue to be played next.
Skip Track 1.9.9
Tags: skip
2017-08-15Allows you to skip tracks that match a specified search query. By default the component will skip all ...
Stop After Queue 1.1
Tags: queue
2017-08-16Stops playback at the end of the playback queue.
Stop on Current 0.62016-08-22Acts like the built-in "Stop after current" function except playback cursor stays on the current track.
Stop on Error 0.42013-03-22Stops playback after user configurable number of consecutive missing files.
V2M Decoder 0.2.1
Tags: decoder, demo music
2014-07-01Farbrausch V2 module decoder.
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