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Audio processing effects, for both playback and conversion.

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NameLast UpdateDescription
SRC Resampler 1.0.8
Tags: DSP
2018-03-24Secret Rabbit Code resampler. Uses libsamplerate 0.1.9. ...
Fake Gapless DSP 0.4
Tags: converter, DSP, gapless
2018-01-06Briefly fades track changes to silence to avoid glitches with gapless tracks when encoded with some lossy ...
Skip Track 1.9.10
Tags: converter, DSP, playback control, skip
2018-01-06Allows you to skip tracks that match a specified search query. By default the component will skip all ...
Meier Crossfeed 1.1.1
Tags: crossfeed, DSP
2018-01-06Software implementation of Meier Audio's natural crossfeed filter. ...
Fade In/Out DSP 1.0.1
Tags: DSP, fade
2018-01-06Allows adding linear, sine, cosine, or logarithmic shaped fade-in and fade-out effects. ...
Vocal Exciter DSP 1.0.1
Tags: DSP
2018-01-06Adds harmonically related distortion to high frequencies to give more presence. Based on similarly named ...
Trifield LR→LRC Decoder DSP 1.1.1
Tags: DSP
2018-01-06An implementation of Michael Gerzon's Trifield decoder. ...
Smart Dither DSP 1.0.5
Tags: converter, DSP
2018-01-06TPDF dither DSP that leaves digital silence untouched. ...
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