Support the creation of foobar2000 mobile, a fantastic new player which targets iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone & tablets. Featuring innovative never seen before abilities, help create an extraordinary player.

Download foobar2000 Software Development Kit

Latest version:
SDK 2015-01-15

Old versions:
SDK 2014-07-02
SDK 2011-03-11 ( compatible with foobar2000 v1.2.x series )

Change log


  • Big update, lots of helper classes and structure changes from foobar2000 mobile codebase.
  • New callInMainThreadHelper class for simplified main_thread_callback use. See main_thread_callback.h
  • PFC library is now public domain (unlicense).
  • PFC library works on all major platforms - OSX, iOS, Linux.
  • PFC library now provides OS basic abstraction for common objects such as threads.


  • Corrected CPowerRequest.h not compiling in VS 2010.


  • New metadb API methods introduced in foobar2000 v1.3 - see SDK readme file for details.
  • Published audio output component specification, along with foobar2000 v1.2 extensions for volume control.
  • foobar2000 v1.3 or newer required to run components made with this SDK.


  • Included decode_postprocessor API - for transparent HDCD and DTS decoding.
  • Included project files for Visual Studio 10.
  • foobar2000 v1.1 or newer required to run components made with this SDK.


  • Clarified preferences page API documentation to warn about known source of spooky crashes.
  • Updated preferences page framework in ATLHelpers to workaround the above.


  • Preliminary documentation for upcoming foobar2000 1.1 features.


  • Sample code updates, new UI Element sample.
  • Helper macro bug fix (thanks musicmusic).
  • New measures to make certain types of crashes easier to track.


  • Updated to include foobar2000 v1.0 features - components built with this SDK require foobar2000 v1.0 or newer.
  • Completely new sample component demonstrating various functionality.
  • Included Default User Interface element specifications.
  • Improved compatibility with MSVC10.


  • Fixed invalid data handling bugs in string manipulation helpers.


  • Fixed a major bug in the Decoder Validator component.
  • Updated documentation of various DSP related APIs.


  • Fixed a bug in context menu generation code.


  • Added access to new features introduced in foobar2000 extensions to the autoplaylist APIs, new API to access Media Library Search user interface.
  • Updated documentation - including notes regarding future compatibility and planned changes the library_manager API.
  • Updated Decoder Validator component.


  • Added access to new features introduced in foobar2000 extensions to search_filter and autoplaylist_client APIs, replaygain_scanner API.
  • Updated documentation.


  • Added access to new features introduced in foobar2000 versions 0.9.5, and Version 0.9.5 or newer is now required to load components made with this SDK.
  • Structural changes in included helper libraries, some parts of them now depend on WTL.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated Decoder Validator component.


  • Fixed pfc::sort performance problem.


  • Added access to new features introduced in 0.9.4. Version 0.9.4 or newer is required to load components made with this SDK.


  • Resolved incompatibility with _expand() behaviors on Windows Vista. It is recommended to recompile all components built with older versions of the SDK with an updated version to avoid incompatibility with Windows Vista.