Effect DSP

By: mudlord

A collection of special effects:

- Pitch Shift
- Tempo Shift
- Playback Rate Shift
- Echo
- Reverb
- WahWah
- Phaser
- Dynamics Compressor
- IIR Filter
* includes:
- Bandpass Filter (CSG & ZPG)
- Bass Boost
- High Shelf Filter
- Low Shelf Filter
- Notch Filter
- Parametric EQ (single band)
- Resonant Highpass Filter
- Resonant Lowpass Filter
- Allpass Filter
- RIAA Phono De-emphasis Filter
- CD De-emphasis Filter

Version 0.2 highlights: Increased parameter ranges for Phaser and WahWah effects. Truncated display values for Phaser and WahWah effects to 1 decimal place.
Version 0.3 highlights: Added bandpass, resonant highpass/lowpass, and parametric EQ filters.
Version 0.4 highlights: Added notch and high/low shelf filters. Increased range of parametric EQ.
Version 0.5 highlights: Added Garf's dynamic compressor, ported from foobar2000 0.8.3. Added allpass filters. Added a new bandpass filter mode. Added new IIR filter DSP to house the various IIR-related filter effects.
Version 0.6 highlights: Fixed various user interface bugs that crept into the last release. Merged the Bass Boost DSP into the IIR filter class and user interface, where it belongs.
Version 0.7 highlights: Added a realtime CD de-emphasis decode post processor. The tag "PRE_EMPHASIS" must be used on content which is supported by FB2Ks decode processor services, for this to work. Pre-emphasis can be signified in your media with the values "1" or "0".
Version 0.7.1 highlights: Fixed the realtime de-emphasis post processor to be on par with SoX. Made clear distinctions between the phono and CD de-emphasis filters in the IIR filter dialog.
Version 0.8 highlights: Added tempo and pitch modification DSPs.
Version 0.9 highlights: Added a rate modification DSP. Added finer grained control to the Pitch DSP.
Version 0.9.1 highlights: Fixed crashes in rate/tempo DSPs.
Version 0.9.2 highlights: Fixed conversion crashes in SoundTouch based DSPs. Increased frequency range of IIR DSP.
Version 0.10 highlights: Updated SoundTouch to SubVersion revision 142, which improves tempo shifting.
Version 0.11 highlights: Pitch and tempo adjustment filters pass audio through untouched if the configured percentage is a null operation.
Version 0.12 highlights: Fixed deemphasis. Miscellaneous other fixes.
Version 0.15 highlights: Numerous changes, will note them down later.
Version 0.16 highlights: Updated to the most recent SoundTouch SVN version, fixing pitch shifting on mono signals.
Version 0.20 highlights: Much smoother changing of DSP effect parameters including for pitch/tempo/playback rate. Rewrote DSP configuration menu dialogs to now be non modal and more stable, easily accessible, keyboard bindable, and easily toggleable. Moved the CD deemphasis postprocessor to a separate component. Added librubberband as a option for pitch/tempo DSPs.

Current version

0.20.5, released on 2017-05-26


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