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Random Pools

By: fbuser

foo_random_pools is a foobar2000 component for creating random playlist entries selected and grouped by various pool definitions.

Mainly you can define titleformat expressions for selecting random groups like albums including sorting and filtering from the media library.

Latest changes:
- added: autoadd tracks if the playlist duration is less than a specified duration

- fixed: application freeze under certain conditions
- other: compiled with SDK-2015-01-15

- fixed: error message not shown in all cases (also crashes were reported), when an invalid filter expression was entered in the pool definition dialog

- added: option "Filter with the content of the target playlist"

- fixed: deadlock, when automatically adding a pool to a playlist from "All pools" and the chosen pool is empty
- changed: empty pools are not considered for "Add from all pools"

- others: compiled with SDK-2011-03-11
- changed: the help file is now expected to be in the same folder as the component to better support the new component structure
- fixed: limiting on MBs didn't work for large values
- others: compiled with SDK-2010-05-21

Current version

0.1.5, released on 2015-04-05



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