SQL Tree

By: fbuser

foo_uie_sql_tree is a foobar2000 component for viewing the media library in a tree structure using SQL queries. The component provides a panel for ColumnsUI, which is a prerequisite for using this component. The underlying database engine is SQLite and with the exception of a few restrictions for building the tree queries the whole functionality of SQLite is supported.

Latest changes:
- fixed: the tree got corrupted, when different layouts were used
- other: upgrade to SQLite

- fixed: the status for "Start playback" was not saved for "Middle click action"
- fixed: keyboard shortcuts were not working when tree items were selected with the right mouse button
- changed: some minor changes

This update requires ColumnsUI to be installed before starting foobar2000. Otherwise you might loose your configurations

- fixed: some minor issues
- other: upgrade to SQLite 3.7.9

- changed: Renamed <Default> node to <Examples> and Examples subnode to Library, to make it clear that all these nodes are only meant as examples
- fixed: crash, when refreshing a query node, while only the batch part of a query node but not the query part was used
- fixed: several minor issues

- initial release

Current version

1.0.4, released on 2012-06-03



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