foobar2000 1.1 Release Notes

Upgrading from older versions

Not sure if you want to upgrade?

You can make a fresh portable install in a separate folder for testing purposes, instead of overwriting your existing installation - no changes will be made to your existing install or to your configuration.

Installing over earlier versions

All settings will be carried over when installing over an earlier foobar2000 versions - do not uninstall your earlier version before installing foobar2000 v1.1.

Note that if you choose to downgrade - install an older version over foobar2000 v1.1, some settings may get lost.

New component installation scheme

Optional components (ones that do not come with foobar2000 installers) are now installed in your foobar2000 profile folder rather than in the foobar2000 installation folder. The benefits from this change are:

  • The components can be installed/updated/uninstalled by the foobar2000 application through the revised components preferences page.
  • foobar2000 can now automatically download and install updated versions of components published on the official foobar2000 components site.
  • Different users on the same PC can use different sets of optional components with a single foobar2000 installation.

When installing foobar2000 v1.1 over an older version, the installer can automatically move your optional components to the new folder so they can be updated or removed from the foobar2000 application.

Note that in case of a portable foobar2000 installation, the profile folder is the same as the installation folder so your optional components are still contained within your portable foobar2000 folder.

Time limit in beta versions

To prevent people from running outdated beta versions, every beta version now expires after four weeks from the original release.