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Components that allow foobar2000 to decode more audio formats.

Components by: Peter [show all]

NameLast UpdateDescription
Command-Line Decoder Wrapper 0.7
Tags: decoder
2022-09-19This component allows you to comfortably play or convert any audio format with a standalone command-line ...
FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper 0.8
Tags: decoder
2022-08-29This component allows foobar2000 to read arbitrary file formats via user-supplied ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe.
Game Music Emu Decoder 0.4
Tags: decoder, game music, Super Nintendo
2023-06-14Restoration of kode54's Game Emu Player component from the available source code. ...
Monkey's Audio Decoder 10.07
Tags: decoder
2023-03-23Provides decoding support for Monkey's Audio files (.APE) as well as APE Link files (.APL). ...
OpenMPT Module Decoder 0.7.1
Tags: Amiga, decoder, demoscene, game music
2023-06-06This component decodes modules, or music files combining both samples and sequence data and effects, ...
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