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NameLast UpdateDescription
Loop 1.6
Tags: playback control
2023-04-30Repeat part of track. ...
Metronome 1.2
Tags: BPM, console output
2022-10-31A simple console metronome. ...
Preview 1.24
Tags: playback control
2023-05-27Play first seconds of consecutive tracks. ...
Session 1.4
Tags: console output
2023-04-22Prints every hour session time to console.
Statistics 1.2
Tags: console output, diagnostic
2022-10-31Collects all kind of foobar2000 statistics and prints them to console. ...
Stop after album 1.5
Tags: playback control
2023-04-29Activate stop after current, if TRACKNUMBER = TOTALTRACKS. ...
Timebomb2 1.5
Tags: playback control
2022-10-31Stop playing after predefined time. ...
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