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NameLast UpdateDescription
Album list panel 2.0.0-alpha.2
Tags: Columns UI panel, media library viewer
2023-09-11A Columns UI panel version of album list. Allows you to browse your music library in a hierarchical structure.
Columns UI 2.1.0-beta.3
Tags: user interface
2023-07-24An alternative user interface. ...
Console panel 3.0.0
Tags: Columns UI panel, diagnostic
2023-05-06A Columns UI panel version of console. Displays diagnostic messages.
iPod manager 0.7.2
Tags: Columns UI panel, portable devices
2020-02-02iPod management component compatible with most Apple iPod and iPhone models. ...
SVG services 0.2.0
Tags: svg
2023-05-11SVG services allows other compatible foobar2000 components to render SVG files.
Typefind panel 0.3
Tags: Columns UI panel, search
2016-03-13Provides a Columns UI search bar to search the active playlist.
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