Releases of Binary Comparator

2.3.2 current version, released on: 2022-11-09

  • Fixed incorrectly reported length of the longer file when comparing files of mismatching length.

2.3.1 released on: 2022-07-18

  • Improved output if some of files failed to decode.

2.3 released on: 2021-08-09

  • Improved reporting of trailing/leading silence.
  • Improved formatting of report summary.
  • Improved detection of offsets when comparing files that only differ by leading/trailing null samples.

2.2.1 released on: 2021-07-26

  • Fixed incorrect reporting of silence if lengths of compared files did not match.

2.2 released on: 2021-03-04

  • Optimized for SSE2, improved speed.
  • Improved offset detection accuracy.

Windows 7 and a processor with SSE2 is now required. Unless your PC is 20 years old, that should not be an issue.
This component actually works with foobar2000 1.4 and newer, but will not auto update on old foobar2000 versions to prevent it from being automatically installed on a computer that cannot run it.

2.1.5 released on: 2019-07-08

  • Crash regression fix.

2.1.3 released on: 2019-05-15

  • Improved accuracy of offset detection; prevented false positives if a small area of the file appears offseted.
  • Improved offset detection speed.