Enhanced Playback Statistics

By: MordredKLB

This component collects and maintains enhanced statistics for played songs; primarily it records the timestamp of every play of a song, and not just the first and last. It will also query and record play times of every scrobble for a song.

foo_enhanced_playcount provides some additional functionality that foo_playcount does not, but is missing some functionality that foo_playcount has. They work well together, and foo_playcount should NOT be uninstalled when foo_enhanced_playcount is installed.

While you can retrieve playcounts and other information easily, to process some of the played times fields which return arrays you'll need to use one of the javascript panels such as Spider Monkey, JScript, or WSHPanel.

Current version: 4.3.3, released on 2021-03-21

Change log:

- %added_enhanced% now returns "N/A" when a file is not in the media library, the same as foo_playcount
- In some situations (probably only if foo_playcount was not installed), the various %played_times%/%played_times_js% functions could have a foobar timestamp 0 as the first entry. This would get returned to the caller as a date around the year 65000. No longer saving timestamps with value 0, and no longer returning any 0 values either.


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