Releases of External Tags

1.5.14 current version, released on: 2023-03-16

  • 64-bit version of the component uses the SQLite library provided by the player.
  • Recompile with the latest SDK in foobar2000 v1.5 compatible mode.

1.5.12 released on: 2021-11-08

  • Added option to prevent automatic external tag creation for read-only files.
  • Removed folder tag path parsing failure messages for unknown protocols.

1.5.11 released on: 2020-09-20

  • Fixed fallback album art writer to only create external tag when the art isn't blank.
  • Fixed album art fallback writer to create external tag for all subsongs of the file and not just hardcoded subsong 0.

1.5.10 released on: 2020-04-10

  • Fixed external APEv2 reading.

1.5.9 released on: 2020-03-16

  • External APEv2 with nothing but ReplayGain data was ignored.

1.5.8 released on: 2019-10-21

  • Made external tag commit able to use the optional file timestamp preservation feature introduced in foobar2000 v1.5.

1.5.7 released on: 2019-10-16

  • Changed the filesystem wrapper to only be used for file based paths.

1.5.6 released on: 2019-08-27

  • Added filesystem wrapper for the custom protocols so optional file timestamp preservation works when editing file tags.

1.5.5 released on: 2019-08-22

  • Fallback album art writer will now create an external tag from current metadata instead of adding art to a blank tag.

1.5.4 released on: 2019-08-22

  • The previous two components were incorrectly compiled with foobar2000 v1.3 API compability and didn't function properly.
  • Fixed real file access so editing file tags and committing external tags to files works.
  • Added real file access support to album art handlers so "Edit file tags" can show embedded art in a track even if external tag contains different art.

1.5.3 released on: 2019-08-15

  • Removed redirect flags from decoders to improve compatibility with foobar2000 v1.4.6.

1.5.2 released on: 2019-08-13

  • Updated to new filter API with album art and dynamic info support.

1.5.1 released on: 2019-08-09

  • Made the writer component reject anything but the component's internal protocols on foobar2000 v1.5.
  • Restored foo_youtube blacklist on older foobar2000 version.
  • Youtube links are now taggable on latest foobar2000 and Youtube playlist loading should work again.

1.5 released on: 2019-08-07

  • Added support for a new metadata filter API on foobar2000.