HDCD decoder

By: kode54

This component automatically decodes HDCD streams contained in several supported lossless containers, including .WAV, .FLAC, .WV, and .TAK. It also supports scanning files for HDCD features in use to report in a list.

Please note: There are a significant proportion of HDCD releases which only made use of the downmix dither down, which does technically achieve a higher than 16 bit SNR and noise floor, but doesn't actually use greater than 16 bits. Before reporting a track as not sounding any different when using this decoder, please use the playlist context menu, under the Utilities submenu, HDCD Scanner, to verify which HDCD features a track uses. If it isn't using either volume level adjustment or peak extension, there is no processing to be done to the audio.

Current version: 1.20, released on 2022-02-05

Change log:

  • Updated HDCD gain stepping algorithm
  • Updated foobar2000 SDK
  • This version now requires Windows 7 or newer

Supported processor architecture: x86 32-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.6 and newer


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