MusicBrainz Tagger

By: MordredKLB

Allows tagging files using data from MusicBrainz.

  • Fetches data by automatically calculated MusicBrainz Disc ID, existing Artist/Album or MusicBrainz Album ID tags;
  • Uses the latest version of MusicBrainz web service, which corresponds to the NGS data model;
  • Supports many different tags, including artist, album, date, tracknumber/totaltracks, discnumber/totaldiscs, label, catalognumber, barcode etc.;
  • Supports MusicBrainz-specific tags: Artist ID, Album ID, Release Group ID, Disc ID, Track ID, album type, album status;
  • Missing TOCs can be submitted to MusicBrainz from the context menu.

Current version: 0.3.1, released on 2015-12-07

Change log:

NGS support, proxy, label-related tags, original release date.

Works with foobar2000 v1.1 and newer


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