By: D3zmodos

An open-source lyrics plugin that includes its own UI panel for displaying timed and untimed lyrics as well as sources for downloading lyrics that are not available locally. Supports automated and manual lyric searching, saving and editing directly from within foobar2000.

Compatible with both the default UI and Columns UI.

Current version: 0.9, released on 2021-08-30

Change log:

New features:
  • Add an auto-edit to 'fix' the capitalisation of each lyric line
  • Add config to apply some auto-edits to lyrics from the internet
  • Add an auto-edit to fix slightly-malformed LRC timestamps
  • Add an option to disable collapsing of duplicate timestamped lines
  • Add an option to only save unsynced lyrics

Behaviour changes:
  • Change search to consider only the first instance of duplicate tags
  • Revert edit behaviour back to always auto-save (regardless of config)
  • Reduce the number of results requested when searching QQMusic
  • Add slightly more information to the musixmatch token help dialog
  • Stop silently fixing & loading slightly-malformed timestamps
  • Auto-search can now find lyrics when the source provides no album
  • Automatically highlight the first manual search result
  • Manual searches now query sources in parallel

Bug fixes:
  • Fix the text alignment bounds when using manual scrolling
  • Fix Musixmatch sometimes erroneously returning empty lyrics
  • Fix accepting (and displaying) empty lyrics from local files
  • Fix lyrics being re-saved when loaded from another local source
  • Fix lyrics not saving to tags if there was already a lyric tag

Works with foobar2000 v1.5 and newer


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