OpenMPT Module Decoder

By: Peter

Version: 0.5.0, released on 2020-05-25 (archived)

Change log:

  • Component is now built and linked with Visual Studio 2019, for Windows 7 or newer, using dynamic runtime, and enabling SSE2.
  • OggMod compressed FastTracker 2 XM (OXM) modules are now supported.
  • Greatly improved MED import. Synthesized instruments are still not supported but support was added for: Multisampled instruments, delta samples, more pattern commands, Hold and Decay, VSTi and MIDI output, multiple songs and many other small changes.
  • Improved OPL channel allocation when more than 18 notes are active, so that channels that have completely faded out are prioritized over channels that have already been released but have not faded out yet.
  • Interactively triggering an OPL instrument could cause the first pattern channel to no longer be played back correctly.
  • Fix some inaccuracies in OPL emulator.
  • Fix overflow of OPL amplification happening at a synth volume level of 510.
  • End-of-sample pop reduction of surround channels was applied to front channels instead, causing a pop on the front channels instead of removing it on the back channels.
  • IT: Disable retrigger with short notes quirk for modules saved with Chibi * Tracker, as it does not implement that quirk.
  • IT: Instrument and sample panning should not override channel panning for following notes.
  • IT: SBx is now prioritized over Bxx commands that are to the left of it.
  • IT: Duplicate Check Type “Sample” should only be applied if the instruments match, too.
  • IT: Duplicate Check Type “Note” should compare pattern notes, but it was comparing the new pattern note against the old translated note.
  • IT: Various fixes for envelope resetting.
  • IT / S3M: When combining SBx and EEx effects, don’t skip the first row of the loop like in FastTracker 2.
  • S3M: Empty pattern commands now affect effect memory as well.
  • S3M: Offset beyond loop end wraps around to loop start like in Scream Tracker 3 + GUS (previously it just keep playing from the loop start, which is neither what GUS nor Sound Blaster drivers do).
  • S3M: Notes cannot be retriggered after they have been cut.
  • S3M: Fix portamento after note cut (fixes antediluvian_song.s3m).
  • S3M / MOD: Previous note offset is no longer used for retriggered notes if there was no instrument number next to the Qxy effect.
  • MOD: Sample swapping now also works if the sample that is being swapped from does not loop. Swapping to a non-looped sample now stops playback once the swapped-from sample reaches its (loop) end.
  • MOD: Fix early song ending due to ProTracker pattern jump quirk (EEx + Dxx on same row) if infinite looping is disabled. Fixes Haunted Tracks.mod by Triace.
  • MOD: Previous note offset is no longer used for retriggered notes if there was no instrument number next to the E9x effect.
  • MOD: Vibrato type “ramp down” was upside down.
  • XM: If a file contains patterns longer than 1024 rows, they are now clamped to 1024 rows instead of 64 rows.
  • XM: Do not reset note-off status on portamento if there is no instrument number.

Supported processor architecture: x86 32-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.4 and newer


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