OpenMPT Module Decoder

By: Peter

Version: 0.5.1, released on 2020-07-26 (archived)

Change log:

  • MPTM: Qxy now retriggers OPL notes if new compatibility flag is set in file.
  • MPTM: Bring back old OPL note end-of-envelope behaviour for files made with OpenMPT 1.28.
  • IT: Global volume slides with both nibbles set preferred the “slide up” nibble over the “slide down” nibble in old OpenMPT versions, unlike other slides. Such old files are now imported correctly again.
  • IT: Fixed an edge case where, if the filter hit full cutoff / no resonance on the first tick of a row where a new delayed note would be triggered, the filter would be disabled even though it should stay active. Fixes by maddie.
  • OXM: Some sample loops were not imported correctly.
  • XM: Out-of-range arpeggio clamping behaviour broke in OpenMPT The arpeggios in Binary World by Dakota now play correctly again.
  • S3M: Support old-style sample pre-amp value in very early S3M files.
  • S3M: Only force-enable fast slides for files ST 3.00. Previously, any S3M file made with an ST3 version older than 3.20 enabled them.
  • S3M: Only apply volume and middle-C speed on instrument change if the new sample slot has sample data.
  • MOD: Fix an infinite loop in GamerMan by MrGamer by playing non-ProTracker MODs more like FT2 would.
  • M15: Improve tracker detection heuristics to never assume SoundTracker 2.0 if there is a huge number of Dxx commands, as that is a definite hint that they should be treated as volume slides. Fixes Monty On The Run by Master Blaster.
  • MO3: Support OPL patches in MO3 files created from MPTM and S3M.
  • DBM: If a global pattern command would be lost because both effect commands in a cell would have to go into the regular effect column (e.g. a speed and a tempo command), the lost command is now attempted to be written into a different cell on the same row. Fixes “Party-Question V” by grogon.
  • mpg123: Update to v1.26.3 (2020-07-16).
  • stb_vorbis: Update v1.20 commit b42009b3b9d4ca35bc703f5310eedc74f584be58 (2020-07-13).

Supported processor architecture: x86 32-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.4 and newer


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