OpenMPT Module Decoder

By: Peter

Version: 0.5.9, released on 2021-05-17 (archived)

Change log:

  • The retrigger effect didn’t work correctly for OPL instruments in some cases depending on the chosen output sample rate.
  • S3M: Emulate IT short sample retrigger quirk in S3M files saved with Impulse Tracker and Schism Tracker.
  • ProTracker 3.6 doesn’t support sample swapping. It is now disabled when loading a ProTracker 3.6 IFF module.
  • Some files with “hidden” garbage patterns were not played correctly since libopenmpt 0.5.3.
  • MOD: E9x retrigger now works the same way as in ProTracker 2.
  • MDL: Improve auto-vibrato accuracy.
  • 669: Reject files that contain any pattern tempo higher than 15.
  • Reduce memory consumption of malformed XPK-compressed files.
  • mpg123: Update to v1.27.2 (2021-05-08).

Supported processor architecture: x86 32-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.6 and newer


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