OpenMPT Module Decoder

By: Peter

Version: 0.6.1, released on 2022-01-31 (archived)

Change log:

  • [Bug-unofficial-fix] Interactive mode correctly reflects initial mute status of channels by checking both mute flags
  • [Bug] Linking libmpg123 no longer fails on OpenBSD.
  • [Bug] Possible hang with malformed DMF, DSM, MED, MUS, OKT and SymMOD files containing 65536 or more patterns when destroying the module.
  • [Bug] Avoid NaNs and infinite values with custom tunings and in the I3DL2Reverb plugin.
  • MIDI macros are now evaluated when seeking.
  • The letter “z” is now evaluated in fixed MIDI macros (Z80…ZFF) the same way as in Impulse Tracker.
  • MOD: Loosened VBlank timing heuristics so that “frame of mind” by Dascon plays correctly.
  • MOD: Validate the contents of “hidden” patterns beyond the end of the order * list when the file size matches the expected size when only taken “official” patterns into account. This fixes Shofixti Ditty.mod from Star Control 2 while keeping other (partly broken) modules working.
  • MED: Command 20 (reverse sample) is now only applied when it’s next to a note.
  • S3M: Introducing the “Send OPL key-off when triggering notes” compatibility setting broke retrigger for OPL notes again (they retriggered rather than not retriggering).
  • S3M: Retriggering a note no longer resets its pitch after a portamento.
  • S3M: Partially implement retrigger behaviour for stopped notes in SoundBlaster mode: Like in IT, it is not possible to retrigger a sample that has already stopped playing.
  • DIGI: Improve compatibility with E3x reverse sample command.
  • DSym: Tempos < 32 were treated as tempo slides.
  • SymMOD: Key-off command was not implemented properly.

Supported processor architecture: x86 32-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.6 and newer


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