OpenMPT Module Decoder

By: Peter

Version: 0.6.2, released on 2022-03-14 (archived)

Change log:

  • [Sec] Possible out-of-bounds write in malformed IT / XM / MPTM files using the internal LFO plugin. (r17076)
  • [Sec] Possible out-of-bounds read when using Amiga BLEP interpolation with extremely high-pitched notes. (r17078, r17079)
  • ISO-8859-1-related charsets from Amiga OS and RISC OS are now handled more accurately, thus avoiding some unwanted control characters.
  • MO3: Pattern indices 254 / 255 were not treated as playable patterns even if the original file was a MOD / XM.
  • Correctly apply ST3-style effect memory when seeking in S3M files.
  • Command S (S3M / IT style) effect memory was not applied when seeking.

Supported processor architecture: x86 32-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.6 and newer


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