Releases of WASAPI output support

3.4 current version, released on: 2020-12-30

  • Playback position no longer moves slightly forward when paused.

3.3 released on: 2017-06-19

  • Worked around bugs in Microsoft's new USB Audio Class 2 driver. Playback timer now progresses correctly.


  • Fixed 3.2.2 regression that made certain channel layouts not work.


  • Compatibility improvements - removed the advanced preferences switch; the correct behavior is now determined automatically.


  • Faster volume control
  • 32bit integer mode if 32bit floating-point is not supported by the device
  • Operates in two different modes, regular and event-driven - the latter seems to be more compatible with USB devices, but not supported by some other devices.
  • Separate process sandbox for improved stability.


  • Fixed glitch-on-seek bug.


  • Fixed incompatibility with Windows 7; improved compatibility with certain soundcards.