Playlist Attributes

By: fbuser

foo_playlist_attributes is a foobar2000 component for assigning various attributes to a playlist.

- This component currently supersedes foo_removeplayed. To avoid confusion because of opposite settings, when using both components together, you should only use one of these components.
- Depending on the settings for the replaygain source, this component interferes with the settings of foo_rg_trn (replaygain override), which may result in unexpected behaviour. But in general you can use both components together.
- It's not recommended to use "playback follows cursor" together with prioritized playlists or "continue on playlist". It might lead to glitches during playback in certain situations.

Latest changes:
- fixed: attributes were reset to their previous values after a restart of foobar2000, when they were changed during playback and
foobar2000 was closed without stopping playback before and "Resume playback after restarting foobar2000" was activated
- fixed: menu entry "stop on focused track" was not available on some playlist viewers

- fixed: regression for "continue on playlist"

- fixed: removing tracks with playback order random results in duplicate playback of the last track in the playlist
- fixed: problem, if a prioritized playlist was activated during playback and "playback follows cursor" was activated
- fixed: Several minor fixes
- added: DSP for smooth transitions while changing the playing playlist during playback and bookmark seeking
- added: support for undoing playlist changes
- added: possibility to set "stop after focused track" with the playlist context menu
- changed: Advanced option "Mute volume before seeking bookmarked position" replaced with "Use DSP for smooth transitions"

- fixed: option "use last playing playlist after program restart" was broken

- added: possibility to set a stop mark per playlist for the currently focused track of the active playlist
- added: provide a title format status variables for the stop mark: %pla_stop_focused_track_active%, %pla_stop_focused_track_playing%
- changed: most of the attributes are now active immediately for the playing playlist. The start of a new playback session is not required for them anymore.
- changed: the help file is now expected to be in the same folder as the component
- fixed: some minor fixes
- other: compiled with SDK-2011-03-11

Current version

0.5.2, released on 2013-05-21

Works with foobar2000 v1.1 and newer



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