MathAudio Room EQ

By: mathaudio

Corrects deficiencies of room acoustics (multipoint compensation).
Corrects acoustic imperfections of speakers.
Avoids the pre-echo (pre-ringing) problem of conventional convolver-based room correction systems. The absence of pre-echo ensures the neutrality of the sound.
Works in rooms, halls and outdoor venues of any size.
Performs frequency response correction, phase response correction and time domain correction.
Quells resonance peaks of frequency response while leaving the deep notches. Avoids the overcompensation which happens in conventional linearizing room correction systems.
Manually adjustable level of compensation allows one to reach the maximum transparency of the sound.
Supports full range of sample rates from 44,056 kHz up to 384 kHz. All sample rates are supported without resampling to avoid any possible loss in quality.
Includes a custom target curve feature.
Applies 64-bit signal path throughout.
Works with USB measurement microphones (e.g. MiniDSP UMIK-1 or Dayton Audio UMM-6) or standard measurement microphones (e.g. NADY CM100 or Dayton Audio EMM-6).
Supports microphone calibration files.
Applies a patented method of frequency response correction.
Works as a simple conventional mouse drawing EQ if necessary.

Current version: 2.8.4, released on 2023-12-14

Supported processor architecture: x86 32-bit.


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