Audio MD5

By: Case

Generic audio integrity verification tool. Uses ffmpeg.exe to compute a checksum of the compressed audio part of the file.

Note that by default the checksum will not match the MD5 of various lossless audio formats. Those codecs calculate the checksum from the uncompressed PCM data before the compression is done. This component works on the already compressed binary data.
The checksum won't match generic MD5 checksum tools either. The use of ffmpeg allows ignoring all non-audio related bits of the file so tag edits won't ruin the checksums.

Since version 0.5 there is an advanced configuration option to switch lossless format checksum to be calculated from the decoded PCM output.

Current version: 0.6.5, released on 2023-09-08

Change log:

  • Changed the error message for missing ffmpeg to be more clear.
  • Altered some wordings.

Supported processor architectures: x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.6 and newer


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