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NameLast UpdateDescription
Audio MD5 0.6.52023-09-08Generic audio integrity verification tool. Uses ffmpeg.exe to compute a checksum of the compressed audio ...
Crossmix DSP 0.42023-10-13Mixes the beginning of the next track over the ending of the previous track without any fading.
Dynamic Decoder Info 1.0.62020-09-23Exposes the decoded sample rate, number of channels and bitdepth to components that can only use static ...
External Tags 1.5.14
Tags: tagging
2023-03-16Adds tagging support for non-taggable file formats. The tags can be stored in SQLite database or written ...
Fade In/Out DSP 1.0.7
Tags: DSP, fade
2023-03-16Allows adding linear, sine, cosine, or logarithmic shaped fade-in and fade-out effects. ...
Fake Gapless DSP 0.6
Tags: converter, DSP, gapless
2023-03-16Briefly fades track changes to silence to avoid glitches with gapless tracks when encoded with some lossy ...
Feature Watcher 1.1.2
Tags: diagnostic
2023-05-04Watches available features and reports changes. ...
Meier Crossfeed 1.1.1
Tags: crossfeed, DSP, headphones
2018-01-06Software implementation of Meier Audio's natural crossfeed filter. ...
No Display Standby 1.1.42023-03-16Disables monitor power saving feature while music is playing. ...
Noise Sharpening 1.0
Tags: DSP
2023-03-16The Noise Sharpening DSP boosts high frequencies. The effect depends on the signal's sample rate.
Play Next 0.2.3
Tags: playback control, queue
2023-03-16Adds the selected track to the beginning of the playback queue to be played next. ...
Renamer 0.3.52024-01-13File renamer with custom illegal character replacement rules.
ReplayGain DSP 0.2.10
Tags: DSP
2023-03-16Alternative ReplayGain implementation with support for smarter automatic mode selection. Automatic mode ...
Skip Track 1.39
Tags: bookmark, converter, DSP, playback control, skip
2024-01-09Allows you to skip tracks that match a specified search query. By default the component will skip all ...
Smart Dither DSP 1.0.9
Tags: converter, DSP
2023-03-16TPDF dither DSP that leaves digital silence untouched. ...
SRC Resampler 1.0.14
Tags: DSP
2023-03-16Secret Rabbit Code resampler. Uses libsamplerate 0.2.2.
Stop After Queue 1.2.3
Tags: playback control, queue
2023-03-16Stops playback at the end of the playback queue. ...
Stop on Current 0.6.3
Tags: playback control
2023-03-16Acts like the built-in "Stop after current" function except playback cursor stays on the current track. ...
Stop on Error 0.6.2
Tags: playback control
2023-03-16Stops playback after user configurable number of tracks that fail to be decoded. ...
TAK Decoder 0.5.8
Tags: decoder
2023-03-16Adds decoding support for TAK, (T)om's lossless (A)udio (K)ompressor. ...
Trifield LR→LRC Decoder DSP 1.1.4
Tags: DSP
2023-03-16An implementation of Michael Gerzon's Trifield decoder. ...
TTA Audio Decoder 4.0.2
Tags: decoder, lossless
2023-11-30This component decodes the True Audio / .TTA lossless compression format.
V2M Decoder 0.2.8
Tags: decoder, demo music
2023-07-27Farbrausch V2 module decoder. You can find modules in this format at [url=""]https ...
Vocal Exciter DSP 1.0.3
Tags: DSP
2023-03-16Adds harmonically related distortion to high frequencies to give more presence. Based on similarly named ...
WASAPI shared output 0.6.21
Tags: output
2023-09-15Shared mode WASAPI output for Vista and newer Windows versions. ...
Waveform Minibar (mod) 1.2.58
Tags: Columns UI panel, Default UI element, playback control
2024-01-16Seekbar that shows the waveform of the track. Lighter, fully software implemented version of the original ...
XAudio2 output 0.3.42024-02-21Output component for XAudio2 API. Uses the latest XAudio v2.9 which enables it to support spatial sound ...
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