Beefweb Remote Control

By: hyperblast

Provides web interface and REST-like API for controlling player remotely.

  • Lightweight web user interface
  • Playback control
  • Playlist management
  • Music directory browser
  • Real-time UI updates
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • REST-like API for controlling player from your application

Current version: 0.8, released on 2023-09-03

Change log:

  • Adjust screen size breakpoints (approximately 640px for medium size and 960px for large size)
  • Convert view switcher to menu on small size screens
  • Display album column by default on medium size screens
  • Prevent default overscroll behavior (e.g. reload page)
  • Adjust UI height to avoid being hidden by the browser controls
  • Fix desynchronization of current track when manipulating playlist items
  • Delay showing "Processing files" UI when adding playlist items
  • Add setting to hide status bar
  • Add setting to hide gaps between panels
  • Rename "Font size" setting to "UI elements size"
  • Add playlist item row menu
  • Use ellipses as row menu icon
  • Enable "Show playback information panel" setting by default
  • Use italic font for playing playlist instead of tab icon

Supported processor architectures: x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit.

Works with foobar2000 v1.6 and newer


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