Releases of Beefweb Remote Control

0.8 current version, released on: 2023-09-03

  • Adjust screen size breakpoints (approximately 640px for medium size and 960px for large size)
  • Convert view switcher to menu on small size screens
  • Display album column by default on medium size screens
  • Prevent default overscroll behavior (e.g. reload page)
  • Adjust UI height to avoid being hidden by the browser controls
  • Fix desynchronization of current track when manipulating playlist items
  • Delay showing "Processing files" UI when adding playlist items
  • Add setting to hide status bar
  • Add setting to hide gaps between panels
  • Rename "Font size" setting to "UI elements size"
  • Add playlist item row menu
  • Use ellipses as row menu icon
  • Enable "Show playback information panel" setting by default
  • Use italic font for playing playlist instead of tab icon

0.7 released on: 2023-02-26

  • Case insensitive string comparison is used for HTTP headers and query parameters
  • Volume control now displays tooltip in dB
  • Added "Stop after current" option
  • Fixed settings page not honoring dark mode

0.6 released on: 2023-01-14

  • Added dark theme for web UI
  • Added support for foobar2000 x64
  • Improved styling of settings screen
  • "Use full screen width" checkbox is no longer displayed on small screens
  • Binaries are built with VS2022
  • Updated foobar2000 SDK to 2022-11-16
  • Updated boost to v1.81.0
  • Updated nlohmann/json to v3.11.2
  • Removed support for browsers without native EventSource implementation

0.5 released on: 2021-10-24

  • Added support for specifying custom response header (e.g. for CORS)
  • Added support for specifying custom web content directories
  • Added settings to customize window title and playback information panel content
  • Added support for different file browser add actions ("Add", "Add & Play", "Replace & Play")
  • Improved dialog styling in web UI
  • Clicking on status bar locates current track
  • Binaries are built with VS2017 and dynamic runtime libraries
  • Updated foobar2000 SDK to 2019-06-30
  • Updated boost to v1.71
  • Fixed preventing of foobar2000 update
  • Fixed "Port:" label overflow in settings page
  • Fixed error 500 when trying to browse directories with inaccessible files
  • Fixed browsing of root directory (e.g. C:\)
  • Fixed volume slider vertical alignment

0.4 released on: 2020-02-02

  • Added optional playback information panel
  • Added basic support for playlist column customization
  • Renamed "Audio menu" to "Playback mode"
  • Fixed icons occasionally not being rendered on Chrome-based browsers
  • Fixed non-latin music directories support
  • Fixed "Add URL" not working
  • Total playlist time status line is removed
  • Volume slider now uses linear scale instead of dB
  • Fixed browsing directories with ! in path

0.3 released on: 2018-09-20

  • Added button that locates currently played track
  • Fixed volume and mute state not being synchronized
  • Added "Cursor follows playback" option
  • Implemented proper escaping for array query string parameters
  • Added playlist sort operations
  • Added "Play next/previous artist/album" operations

0.2 released on: 2018-08-25

  • First official release