MathAudio Headphone EQ

By: mathaudio

- Helps to detect and compensate for the unwanted resonances in high-quality headphones and earphones.
- Includes a test signal generator.
- Enables one to enter numerical values of filter parameters that can be taken from Oratory1990’s list of headphone EQ presets and to optimize them for one's specific headphones.
- Includes a crossfeed feature which allows the listener to reduce the channel separation to a natural level. The crossfeed makes the headphones less fatiguing to listen to for long periods.
- Supports up to 99 compensating filters.
- Supports individual correction of left and right channels.
- Supports undo/redo operations.
- Applies 64-bit signal path throughout.
- Supports full range of sample rates from 44,056 kHz up to 384 kHz.

Current version: 1.4.4, released on 2020-08-11


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