Releases of MIDI Player

2.5.7 current version, released on: 2021-08-08

  • Changed zero duration check to require at least one track with a valid duration

2.5.6 released on: 2021-08-01

  • Removed FluidSynth thread count option, as it's apparently broken with the build I use and supply

2.5.5 released on: 2021-05-21

  • Added options to advanced preferences for FluidSynth, to allow disabling effects processing, or changing the polyphony count, or enabling extra rendering threads

2.5.4 released on: 2021-05-09

  • Added option for FluidSynth to dynamically load samples instead of pre-loading the entire banks every time, enabled by default
  • Rebuilt FluidSynth with libsndfile enabled, to allow loading compressed SF3 banks

2.5.3 released on: 2021-05-07

  • Switch FluidSynth to version 3.x from HEAD, with an important change for support for GM/GS/XG reset messages
  • Change how FluidSynth is configured, so device-id is set properly, so GS/XG reset messages are handled correctly
  • New version of FluidSynth supports SoundFont banks greater than 4GB in size, assuming they won't load that many samples at once

2.5.2 released on: 2021-05-06

  • Rewrite FluidSynth handler a bit, implementing its own SysEx handler, and changing the gain level
  • Implemented support for looping indefinitely on playback only if a loop is detected

2.5.1 released on: 2021-05-05

  • Renamed preferences section

2.5 released on: 2021-05-04

  • Replaced BASSMIDI with FluidSynth
  • Refactored Preferences dialog code

2.4.12 released on: 2021-04-27

  • Remove BASS_Free call, as the player is likely to only call the destructor on program shutdown, and never unloads components any other time
  • Update bass, bassmidi, bassflac, and bassopus

2.4.11 released on: 2021-04-12

  • Continuing to make further improvements to invalid file parsing, now the input will no longer crash if it hits a file with no events

2.4.5 released on: 2021-04-08

  • Updated libADLMIDI and libOPNMIDI
  • Stopped using a personal fork of libADLMIDI

2.4.4 released on: 2021-03-29

  • Fix Standard MIDI file handling to support the edge case of files with non-standard chunks in them
  • Updated libADLMIDI and libOPNMIDI

2.4.3 released on: 2021-01-11

  • Updated libADLMIDI and libOPNMIDI

2.4.2 released on: 2020-12-09

  • Added HMQ extension for HMP format

2.4.1 released on: 2020-10-18

  • Fix metadb index service startup crash affecting newer foobar versions and possibly only on Wine

2.4.0 released on: 2020-10-07

  • Replaced fmmidi/midisynth with libOPNMIDI (new settings are in Advanced)
  • Updated libADLMIDI

2.3.6 released on: 2020-08-30

  • Hopefully fix end of file issues, if there were any

2.3.5 released on: 2020-07-24

  • Implemented BASSMIDI voices control in Advanced Preferences
  • Moved existing BASSMIDI Advanced Preferences option to its own tree with the new option
  • Dynamic info now returns current and maximum BASSMIDI voices

2.3.4 released on: 2020-03-25

  • Added a new VST instrument import function name, as per VST 2.4 specification

2.3.3 released on: 2020-03-05

  • Add another Secret Sauce hash set